Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Life as we know it could be destroyed by simply touching a button and releasing a nuclear bomb. Think about it all those thousands of years simply brought to waste by the touch of a button. Its weird if you think about it, we are all one race, Humankind. We have divided ourselves into nations and country's. The fact is we are all human. And why we have chosen to divide ourselves is above me. Why is it that we feel the need to be in a different nation then others? is it because of race? religion? is it because we just like the way of life in our separate country's? do we like the way of life in our country's? or is it simply that is how you know life to be, you don't know what other ways of life are like? is it fair that some country's can make loads of cash and others have no way of making money? or does everything need to be this way in order for Humankind to continue?

What could that even be?

Even if you do not believe that there is other life in the Universe watch this, tell me, if that's not a UFO what is it? .....Exactly what I thought

NASA UFO footage

Picked up from a NASA satillite this is amazing footage! Don't think its real? well look at 1:15 in the bottom right corner the UFO changes coarse! Not only that but if they were meteors they would be going into our atmosphere, the objects in this videos are leaving our atmosphere. Now thats not a meteor!

Looking into the past....or perhaps the future

This is a picture of distant galaxies far away from our own. It is said to be the most spectacular space picture because it is said to be millions of light years away. For those of you who don't know what a light year is it means it is the amount of time light from that star/galaxies in this case take to reach earth. So, if you think about it that light is millions of years old, so really we are looking the past. NASA thought this picture was great because what we are looking at might not exist anymore, because of what we can see there this was thought to be a great picture. In my mind I am most fascinated by what we cant see in this picture, perhaps new planets and suns, perhaps life.